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Thinking of Going Solar-Powered?

Thinking of Going Solar-Powered?

How Solar Panels Work

As more and more people are going solar-powered, the rest of us are left scratching our heads on how exactly solar panels work. Which is what has prompted us to write this post on just this.

Whether it is a solar-powered calculator or an international space station, these panels are capable of generating electricity using the same principles of electronics as chemical batteries. It is basically all about the free flow of electrons that run through a circuit.

In order to understand how these panels create electrical power, we will need to take a trip back to high school chemistry class. The basic element found in these panels is the same element which helped to create the computer revolution, namely pure silicon. When silicon is stripped of any impurities, it is an ideal neutral platform for transmitting electrons. Silicon does have a few atomic-level properties; also, that makes it even more attractive to create solar panels.

This is where things become slightly more technical, so try to stay with us. Silicon atoms have room for 8 electrons in their outer bands; however, they can only carry 4 in their natural state. Meaning, there is room for another 4 electrons. When a single silicon atom contacts another one, each will receive the other atom’s 4 electrons. This will create a strong bond; however, there is no positive or negative charge, due to the fact the 8 electrons will satisfy the atoms’ needs. Silicon atoms can combine for years to create a large piece of pure silicon. This material is what is used to create the plates of the panels.

This is where the science part comes into place. Two plates of pure silicon are not enough to generate electricity in these panels, simply because they have no positive or negative charge. And these panels can only be created by combining silicon with other elements which do contain positive or negative charges.

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