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4 Different Types of Solar Panels

Choosing the Best Type of Solar Panel for Your Needs

It is not as simple as you might have thought to make an investment in solar panels. Before you even begin to install the panels, there are a few different kinds to choose from. The four of them are as follows.

Concentrator Type

One of the most widespread kinds of photovoltaic panels is known as the concentrator type. Because of the concentrator component that is contained within them, they are also known as CPV panels. These panels are typically more compact than others, but they have the potential to produce more power. The majority of the time, these panels are used in commercial projects as well as some smaller residential ones.

Amorphous Type

Amorphous silicon was used in the construction of these panels. Although they are a little bit more expensive than the others, many people believe that they are more effective. They are also used extensively in residential construction projects. These panels are capable of converting light into electricity at a more efficient rate than other similar panels.

Mono Crystalline Type

These panels are constructed using silicon with a monocrystalline structure. As a result of this, they are regarded as being more effective than the alternatives. They come at a higher price than the others, but they get the job done in a shorter amount of time. Only projects with a commercial purpose typically make use of them.

Poly-Crystalline Type

These panels can be considered slightly more efficient than the mono-crystalline. They are still cheaper than many of the other types of panels, but they do have some downsides. They are heavy, and their installation requires more time and effort. They are commonly used for large commercial solutions.

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